4 Reasons You’re Never Too Experienced for a Lifting Coach

If you’ve been lifting for even just a few years, you likely know most of what you need to get by. You’ve gone through a successful bulk and subsequent cut, you’ve hit PRs that once seemed impossible, and you’ve maybe even competed as well. You have so much experience you even have a drawer or two full of bodybuilding clothing to fit each season. No matter your lifting experience or your strength goals, personal trainers and lifting coaches are still valuable resources for anyone. Here are four reasons that you can never be too experienced for at least one coaching session.


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They Can Help You Iron Out the Details

Nobody is perfect, and although you’ve come close to it on your own, a lifting coach can help you reach the next level. Whether it’s your training or nutrition, a professional coach can help you iron out the details to reach your goals. Things change, and if you decide that maybe you want to drop the volume and increase your strength, a powerlifting coach can help you set high expectations and exceed them. If you feel like something has been missing, seek a coach that can help you nail the details of your training and performance.

Coaches Help You Prep

Are you thinking about taking your results outside of the gym and competing? Whether it’s a bodybuilding competition or a powerlifting meet, a professional coach will help you prep. What’s more, if you pick the right coach that’s been there, done that, and trained other athletes, they can share secrets and minor details that give you a leg up. From tips to help you pose the best for the judges to training secrets to help you add an extra 10 pounds to your max deadlift, trainers and coaches can give you the edge to achieve great things.

They Can Expose Your Bad Habits

While we all think that we’re perfect or that our form is ideal, a professional might see things differently. All of us have a few bad lifting habits that we could break. From having our elbows slightly flared on the bench press to lifting our hips too fast on a deadlift, it can be challenging to break these habits if you don’t see them in the first place. Even just one session with a professional trainer can help you discover these bad habits, and they can provide you with advice and tips to perfect your form. If you’ve been struggling to hit a specific PR, these tweaks could make a considerable difference.

They’re a Wealth of Knowledge

Mentors can play a crucial role in the long-term success of any athlete. If you choose the right trainer that’s been around the deadlift platform a time or two, they’ll have loads of knowledge and experience to share. From small things like which bodybuilding clothes work best or providing inspiration when you’re struggling to get through an extra-hard workout, you’re getting more than just a glorified spotting partner when you work with a trainer.

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